Fastliner 16 Boat Reports

Report from Mark

Length: 16' 6" (5.03m)
Beam: 6-foot (1.85m)
Weight: 600lbs (270kg) approx
Engine: Suzuki 25hp 2-stroke oil injection
Country of Manufacture: U.K.

Maximum speed 10-15 knots

This model fits into the Orkney family between the Longliner 16 and the Strikeliner 16+ , I am not sure how many boats of this modal where manufactured by Orkney but I have not seen many up for sale. At a quick glance you may mistake the fastliner for a strikeliner but on closer inspection, particularly the hull section, they are different. The strikeliner has more `v` at the front end and I think this reflects in the strikeliners higher top speed. The boat is fitted with Foam buoyancy as standard but is not self-bailing.
All Orkney boats are finished to a high standard and my boat is no exception, I tend not to have boats with a coloured hull, as they require a higher level of maintenance.

When the boat was purchased it was fitted with a Suzuki 25hp 2-stroke oil injection engine and a NASA speed and depth unit. Over a period of time I have replaced the NASA unit with a Garmin 128 GPS, and a 100 fishfinder, also I have fitted a NASA 35X DSC VHF radio and Ritchie angler compass.
The area I fish is mainly the eastern Solent between Chichester harbour and Selsey Bill but I sometimes slip from Bognor Regis and fish the area between Pagham and Middleton-on-sea.

The boat can be launched single-handed but a spare pair of hands is usually required for recovery. With a top speed of between 10-12 knots the ride is very smooth and the cockpit stays relatively dry, obviously when heading into a rough sea speed needs to be reduced to prevent slamming.
There is a small anchor well in the bow of the boat, which is fine for inshore fishing where sea depths are shallow. I prefer to use a 7kg fishermen's anchor for all seabed material unless fishing around rocks when I use a cheap 5kg fold-away anchor you can buy from most yacht chandlers.
When anchored due to the long straight keel and wide mid-section the boat lies with little roll.
The boat has a centre bench that can be used for extra storage, but means there is no walk through. There is extra storage under the transom for fuel tank and battery box, additional lockers can be found forward.
The cuddy is fitted with a forward hatch for retrieval of the anchor via the stainless steel bow roller. Remote steering is mounted on a console on the starboard side of the craft where the throttle and gearshift is also mounted.

Orkneys have a high second-hand value so are a good investment if you can find a cheap one.
The craftmans ship is of a high quality
The boat has plenty of stowage area forward, middle and aft.
The cockpit stays relatively dry when underway.
Freeboard is high so it is very safe for my teenage son and me!
No rolling or slapping at anchor.
With the 25hp engine very good fuel economy
Built-in buoyancy

When retrieving the anchor you have to kneel on the forward bench, this is possibly the most uncomfortable position to complete this operation.
No walk through due to a center bench
Small anchor well.
Center bench too close to steering console, so you have to sit sideways
Low topspeed compared to the strikeliner

Equipment fitted:
Garmin 128 GPS
Garmin 100 fishfinder
NASA 35X DSC VHF radio
Ritchie angler compass

Mark's boat


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